The cleaner waste water collected from showers, sinks and washing machines is transported by a standard sewage system and collected in an underground buffer. This waste stream is treated in a vertical aerated helophyte filter. In other words, the water is drained in a reedbed and percolates down. Bacteria that grow on the roots of the reed purify the water combined with air that is blown into the soil in order to improve the treatment process. 

Limited & green space

The innovative Nature Factory needs four times less space in comparison to a classical helophyte filter. Hence, only 0.3 cubic meters is necessary per grey water producing person. Therefore, in SUPERLOCAL only 100 square meters will be covered with reed, which forms a basis for fauna to flourish and residents to enjoy the green space. 

Second life

After natural treatment, the effluent can be discharged in a nearby creek. In SUPERLOCAL however, tests will be run to treat the effluent in an extra treatment step. After treatment, the water will be delivered to the shared laundrette in the high-rise building after which the waste stream is returned to the helophyte filter. This way the water can be reused multiple times and fresh water is saved. If you are a technology provider and interested in testing your treatment technology for this effluent stream for reuse, please fill in the contact form.