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Made possible by LIFE Local Water Adapt


Circular water-wise neighbourhoods are emerging across Europe. These pioneering projects are key in the water transition to more sustainable practices. These water projects share their combined experiences and gained knowledge in this Community of Practice to inform each other, and you. Are you a real-estate developer? Are you a civil servant, working for a Municipality? Are you a water professional? Are you a motivated citizen? Participate in offline or online events, visit the sites across Europe or read about the experiences in these unique projects here…


Several circular water-wise neighbourhoods in Europe are part of this community of practice. They differ in size, technologies, communities, governance structures but are neveretheless the most innovative and sustainable neighbourhoods in terms of (waste)water management, sanitation, and energy- and resource recovery.


By combining research activities we create more knowledge. Therefore, LIFE Local Water Adapt is part of several collective research projects and (inter)national consortia which are always open access. 


This Community of Practice is co-funded by the LIFE Programme of the European Commission under the name of LIFE Local Water Adapt. Learn more why this project has received funding.

slider watercycle superlocal(zonder achtergrond)

Climate change is known to cause ecological challenges, such as more extreme rainfalls and droughts. Water professionals are searching for solutions to combat and adapt to these issues in the residential domain, while, simultaneously striving towards more liveable and more inclusive neighbourhoods. The water cycle SUPERLOCAL is a best practice neighbourhood that combines sustainable drinking-, storm- and wastewater management innovations with energy, food, and resource recovery technologies on a local scale. Learn more about this best practice water-wise neighbourhood

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