LIFE Local Water Adapt initiates and participates in several (inter)national research projects and consortia. Throughout this network we share lessons from the LLWA demonstration sites and try to enhance the upscalling of sustainable water wise neighbourhoods. Learn and read more about the research projects below.

SENSE (2020-2022)

Social Evaluation of New Sanitation Experiments (SENSE) is a collaborative EU-research project regarding the large-scale introduction of New Sanitary systems and Water Wise Neighbourhoods in Europe. SENSE focuses on the social and societal factors surrounding this subject, the focus being public perception, acceptance and the role of communication and participation interventions. 


Throughout this website we share findings of the six demonstration projects, scientific results and research protocols.

GLOCULL (2019-2021)

Over the past decade we have witnessed a remarkable turn from the global to the local scale in sustainable development. There has been an explosion of sustainable urban development initiatives focussing on local, circular and renewable production of food, energy and water. There has also been much progress in methodologies to develop locally-robust solutions in Urban Living Labs (ULL).


The aim of GLOCULLL is to develop an extended co-creative Urban Living Lab approach for locally and globally sustainable innovations in the FWE nexus. And to support the implementation of this approach, through co-creation processes in 7 Urban Living Labs, in cities both in the Global South and the Global North (including SUPERLOCAL).

TransBehaviour (2021-2025)

Soon updates will follow